There was a time in the past that I was convinced that all our pain and misfortune were because we would die. In other words, death is the root of all anxiety and the source of all struggles. My idea was simple: if there is no death, then it would be no accumulation of wealth, then no inheritance, no capital, and no class conflicts. Then all the suffering of this world can be solved. 
I discovered that the arrival of technological singularity might fundamentally solve the ultimate problem of death. So I became very interested in technology. However, new issues slowly appeared. I realized that if there were no deaths, all the pains in the world would disappear, but all happiness, such as love and family, would also disappear together. In other words, the foundation of human civilization is the inevitability of death.  At the same time, another critical issue is that private life would very likely no longer exist in a singularity-based society. A robust technological society may turn all individuals into a whole. There will probably be no privacy or freedom in this entirety. Information technology eventually turned people themselves into "human-bytes." When I realized this, I discovered the deep meaning of McLuhan’s words: “We shape our tools, then our tools shape us.” 
Using media such as AI, game engines, and programming, my art deploys a future society where multiple types of intelligent citizens coexist and analyze what a non-death social model would look like.

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