«图变» (In Changing Images),, 2017
«象征经济艺术攻略» (Art Power in a Time of Icon Economy), In-Out, No. 7, Xi An, China, 2015. p. 1-4.
«艺术劳动,与存在方式» (Art, Work, and Existence), translation from French to Chinese, L'art, le travail et l'existence, Nicolas Bourriaud.
«续发言的画布和画» (Canvas and Paper That Continuously Speaks), Art Fortune Management, Beijing, China No.10, 2014. p.124.
"Faisons comme si", Folie/Culture, group exhibition, Quebec City, Canada, 2020
“Backyard Stories,” group exhibition, Chicago, U.S., 2020
“I Think,” solo show, Guangzhou, China, 2017
“Truth Of Future,” group exhibition, Shanghai, China, 2017
“Salut, la planète!”, group exhibition, Paris, France, 2016
“7e edition de Ia Virée des ateliers” (7th Edition of the Workshop Tour), group exhibition, Montreal, Canada, 2014
“Colloque étudiant EDS 2013 (Student Conference 2013)”, group exhibition, the Université Laval, Canada, 2013
“Daily Poetry,” solo show, Shanghai, China, 2012

Expected in 05/2021 School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago/美国芝加哥艺术学院 Chicago
Master of Arts Art And Technology Studies
06/2018 McGill University/加拿大麦吉大学 Montreal
Associate of Arts English Language And Culture
02/2016 National School Of Fine Arts Of Paris/法国巴黎国立高等美学院 Paris
Bachelor of Arts Exchange Program
06/2016 The University Of Quebec At Montreal/加拿大魁北克大学 Montreal
Bachelor of Arts Visual And Intermedia Arts
06/2012 The University Of Quebec At Montreal/加拿大魁北克大学 Montreal
Associate of Arts Certificate in Written French For Non-Francophones
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