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Letting Go of Outcome


Note: In this post, letting go of outcome is the same as detachment of outcome.

What is Letting go of Outcome What does it mean, to let go of the outcome? How can one want and take actions to achieve an outcome and at the same time let go of it?

First off, what do I mean by outcome? outcome means goals, hopes and wishes or what ever you call it, it is something you want.

For example, you want to have a good love realationship with a certain girl, you want to make a certain a mount of money this year, you want to lose a certain amount of weight this year, you want get a certain grade in a certain class, you want to get into a certain University as a student.

What does it mean, letting go of outcome?

It means, that we do not trying of force outcome, or trying to directly control it. It means that you are not worried or obsessed about it. You are ready and willing to accept whatever outcome is going to be, or we are OK with whatever that is going to be.

Example, a relaionship, you’re OK if it will end before geting anywhere. A business, you’re OK if it goes bankrupt in a year.

Is letting go of outcome the same as give up on it?

No! Not at all. It just means, we are OK with whatever outcome that is going to be.

Why do you want to let go of outcome? I found that, a lot of times, when I set goals, or hope something good will happen, I can get very stressed about it, maybe anxious, or worse, depressed!

Being stressed about an outcome seems very common, it simply menas, that you’re trying to force an outcome, in other words, it have to happen, and you know, it is hard to garrentee the outcome.

The problem is stress, is that, it doesn’t help you to achieve the desired outcome, in fact, what it usually does is undermine your mental and physical health, and reduce the quality and quantity of your thoughts and actions towards that particular outcome, making it more difficult for you to get that outcome.

Why the more you try to force an outcome, the harder it becomes to get it? It is because, the outcomes we seek, usually are things that is outside of our control. The more you try to force things that is out of your control, the more frustration you create for yourself.

Let’s use romantic relationship as an example. The quality of relationship right now is not in your control. There are two people in a relationship. And if one of them does not want to put in the effort right now, then there is no way the other person can make the relationship good! That is why I say, you have no control over the quality of a relationship.

If the other person doesn’t want to put in any effort, the more effort you put in, the more frustrating it is going to get for you. Because it seems that no matter what you do, you can’t make the relationship work. And you are right! Because it is not in your control!

If something is not in your control, then, it is always possible, that your efforts can amount to nothing!

It is true for romantic relationships and it is true for business.

How to Let go of an outcome The right way to think of an outcome, is simply let go of it. By let go, I mean, you are not trying to force it, you are not trying to control it, you let it be whatever it will be.

The reason you’re not trying to control it, is becuase, you can’t control it anyway! Trying to control it will not change anything, only adding stress and frustration for you!

In order to let go of an outcome, simply understand that you have no control over it, and then you’ll let go!

Letting go of the outcome does not mean give up. You’re still doing what you need to do to get the outcome, the difference is, you’re not worried about it, you’re not forcing it, you let it be whatever it will be.

For example, if it is a romantic relationship, letting go of outcome, means that you are OK, if you’ll get married or not, if you’ll have sex or not, you’ll be in a realtionship or not. You’re OK with whatever the result is. At the same time, you are doing what it needed to be done, go out, invite her to your house, propose, and so on. You’re doing what needed to be done in order to get the outcome and being OK with whatever outcome will be.

If it is a business, letting go of outcome, means that you’re OK, if it is going to be successful, or not, whether it is going to last 100 years or 1 year, whether it will have 1000 employees or 10 employees, whether you’re making millions of profits or losing millions. You’re OK with whatever result it may be, because you know you have little control over it. You do what needed to be done, get an invester, hire talents you need, build a great product, sell it to your customer! You do all that, at the same time, you’re OK with whatever the business will be.

This is the letting go I am talking about. The same can be said about other outcomes, for example, bodybuilding, weight loss, learning, esports, sports, whatever you set your mind to achieve!

Good luck, have fun! 😄