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Life is a Game


I just turned 30 years old this month. My maternal grandfather died in 2019, that is about 1 year and a half ago. It made me think about my own mortality, it seems to become more real to me than ever.

I wonder what is life and death?

Life is the experience of the physical world. Death is going back to where we come from. Where do we come from? I am fairly confident, that we come from a spiritual world, where nothing is physical, that is where we go back to. Wait, we never come into the physical world and have to go back, the physical world enters into our consciouness and then it exits. We are always in the spritual world because we are a spirit forever and ever!

What is the point of life, if we’re going to die anyway?

What is the point of a game, if we are going to stop playing it anyway? There is never a point! Life is just an experience, just like games. Once it stops and you get out of it, it means nothing.

What is the purpose of life?

There does not seem to be other purpose of life other than survive and reproduce.

As long as you survive and reproduce, its OK. Anything beyond that is optional. Most people and survive and reproduce. You don’t need to be successful to survive, you don’t need a great relationship to reproduce. It’s not hard and most people do it. Don’t be too hard on yourself or make yourself miserable in pursuit of great success or great relationship. Take it easy and have fun.

Even if you fail at the basic survive and reproduce, it is OK, remember it is just an experience, and soon enough nothing will mean anything anyway.

Good Luck, Have Fun! 😄